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  1. Q: Why do you want to be a staff member?: I also enjoy helping the community in any way I can 🙂
  2. Q: Age: A: 20 **Q: SteamID:** **A:*STEAM_0:0:465240108* Q: In-game Name: A: Azrael **Q: How active can you be?:** **A:*Over 5 hours a day* Q: Are you willing to work hard to become a staff member?: A: Yes, of course. **Do you have any experience administrating/moderating, if so what servers?:** **A:*I've been admin on 3 other csgo servers before. (Zytex.eu, Epicfail.dk and Avengers CM)* Q: Why do you want to be a staff member?: A: I will do all I can to make the server thrive, and have the best surf community. **Q: Why should we choose you instead of someone else?:** **A:*Because I enjoy playing on your combat surf server, you have a great commnuity and staff team. I've been playing on the server for around 12-24 hours at this point*