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  1. +1 He's a very good surfer and a good person. He is also online almost all the time and speaks fluent English.
  2. Neutral. From what the head-admin says, staff recruitments are closed for the moment, after that we never know.
  3. yaиis


    If you add things in the shop try to put it a little more expensive than the old ones because going up in credits is relatively simple and it will give a little challenge
  4. +1 good player and funny player. Moreover he is super active. I think he could do the server some good!
  5. yaиis

    Mode FFA

    Okay i going to search too !
  6. yaиis

    Mode FFA

    Hello, I have a suggestion for the surf combat server, I think it would be good to install an FFA mode, this will allow when there are few players to allow the players to have more fun and thanks to this there would be no superior team (example: if there are 7 players connected to the server including 2 good players and other are beginners if the 2 good players join the same team, the beginners of the opposing team will not have fun and same for the allies) in addition it would allow the good players to have more kill and the less good players going to have more opportunities. Afterwards, if there are a lot of players connected to the server it will be a bit of a mess, but I have seen on some servers that the FFA mode could be activated when there are for example less than 10 players connected and if there are more, the FFA is disabled. Unfortunately I don't know if this is a plugin to download or if you have to create it yourself so I don't even know if it's possible. Despite everything I found that: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=202839 and the commands for the FFA: mp_autokick 0; mp_autoteambalance 0; mp_friendlyfire 1; mp_teammates_are_enemies 1 Thanks for reading the post!
  7. @MAROTO I am not telling you not to play with this weapon you are free but you cannot say it is not toxic after any problem. Have fun bro :)!
  8. Thanks for the report, but the screenshot is just a joke with me and @Essayez 哦 Amɨɨn?, you didn't take a screenshot when I said "ahahah" or "xDD", maybe be do you want to cause trouble at @Essayez 哦 Amɨɨn?. Moreover personally I am connected to the server every day but I have rarely seen @Essayez 哦 Amɨɨn? mute a players. To finish @MAROTO sorry but i think you are a toxic player playing m249 in all map (I have never seen you kill one man with surfing), want to kill buyzone, camp etc... Thanks for read !
  9. SURF COMBAT POSTULATION Name by how you are known in the community: yanis Link to your Steam profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/yanisdiga/ Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:179960420 Approximate hours on the Surf-Combat server: 19 hours Administrator experience? Where? : Not on cs: go but I was administrator on garry's mod roleplay server and on gta roleplay What do you want to classify on this server? I want to contribute to the improvement of the server by proposing ideas and moderating on the server Hours you agree to play during the week: I play all days maybe minimum 3 hours in a day What rank do you want within the server? (Moderator-Administrator-SuperAdministrator): Moderator Problem : I don't speak Spanish but i speak english and with its I can moderate the voice chat "Only in English". Thanks for read my request !